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True Stories of Good People Podcast!

We were so honored to be included in this podcast called True Stories of Good People! It is done by GoFund Me who have been so instrumental in helping us.

“True Stories of Good People is a podcast about people who are making a difference in other people’s lives, or have had their lives changed by someone kind - and sometimes both! In each episode, you’ll meet an everyday hero who is making an impact in the world, and hopefully they’ll inspire you to do something good, too.”

It is nice to have moments like this where we get to reflect not so much on what we have done but on all the amazing people we have met and who have helped inspire us. We would NOT be able to do what we do without the help of people who want to make a difference. The Good People in this Podcast are just as much the unseen angels who have helped us as it is us. From our local government, news agencies, GoFund Me and the countless people that we could thank! THANK YOU! Please when you are done with the podcast please give them a nice rating and share if you see fit!

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