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Want to Spread some of your Own Kindness? There's an App for that!

Cell phones and the Internet are readily available nowadays, permitting us to connect with friends and family effectively and giving us an approach to spread consideration to those past our loved one's circles.

If you've at any point had a stranger pay your toll or buy you a coffee, or pause for a minute to hold an entryway, you realize that those little demonstrations of graciousness make you feel better. You can spread similar positive sentiments by doing acts of your own. If you need some motivation or a poke to concoct your Acts of Kindness, these apps and websites are a good start:

This is how all got started. The BEST $65 we ever spent!

Great App for on the Go.

School Edition for Teachers and Family Editions for Great Fulfilling Family Activities

Greatest International Scavenger Hunt

The Name says it All! So many resources for Kindness!

Very organized and easy ways to get yourself and family involved.

Many resources for Teachers and aimed at older kids ready to do things on their own.

On the off chance, (Insert Sarcasm Font) that your cell phone is consistently close by, use it for good, and spread some Kindness. A little Kindness can go a long way, particularly with the assistance of the Internet!

The World needs more Kindness!

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